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Red River Resort Reviews

by: themarmot - 13th January 2013

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Nice scenic drive
Locals, mountain terrain, snow, shops

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I live in Colorado but have family in Texas. We decided to meet in the middle in a lovely, or so we thought, town called Red River, NM. It had been a long time but as a kid my parents had taken me there so I didn't remember much about the place. As soon as we roll into town and go to get settled into our hotel (Lifts West) I knew something was up. The lady at the front desk was rude and acted as if I had somehow disturbed her from her t.v. show. After an exchange about having to put a deposit on a room that I had already booked about 2 weeks prior, with no indication I gave in due to shear exhaustion of being on the road and wanting to just grab a shower and a meal. The room was fairly nice, but small and was extremely close to the lifts so that was definitely nice. Next exchange came at a small mexican food restaurant that we found tucked into the back of some shops and what seemed to be local apartments. The food was decent but overpriced(kind-of expected that in a small mountain town), but good god were the people some of the most rude I've ever encountered. That was basically the theme of the trip. Rude locals not willing to do their jobs but you really had no alternative. The skiing was pretty dismal. About half the mountain was closed and the half that wasn't was full of ice and out of control skiers. I've skied some of the busiest days in Keystone/Breck etc... and never seen so many people ski like that. I was glad I decided to wear a helmet and in retrospect I would've felt safer with my full-face and body armor. They did receive some moisture while we were there, although it was in the form of rain making for a day shopping, or what I guess could be called shopping. Most of the places I felt were a collection of gas station items with the exception of one shop that had pretty nice stuff, albeit at about a 25% markup from the prices you would see in many of the shops in Vail or the like. The highlight of the trip was a stop at the Lift House which was conveniently located between one of the main lifts and our hotel. They had beer, they had liquor but not much else. We decided to get out of there and just go to the hotel but ended up spending about 30 minutes trying to get the bartenders attention away from the locals just to get my tab. I ended up leaving to go change and just let the place die down a bit, but when I returned it was twice as busy as before. I don't like being pushy but I had to yell very loudly and complain to the bartender to get my tab. I felt like a bit of a jerk but I certainly left no tip. tldr; I will never be going back to this town that's called a ski area. There's no snow, the people are rude and obviously don't want you there and the prices are higher than some of the major Colorado resorts. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place if you have any intention on having a good time.

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