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Variable Conditions
posted 162 days ago by Jerrod

Angel Fire needs more snow, and yes the snow that they do have is a little icy, as well as the temps at night aren't even getting low enough to make good snow. However, we stilled had a blast despite even Chille being closed due to winds. Still a great mountain.
Wet Snow
posted 164 days ago by Anon

All lifts are closed due to high winds and the snow that is here is all ice. It isn't even getting cold enough for them to make snow. Ugh.
posted 165 days ago by Ryan’s iPhone

Very warm and snow is disappearing fast-slushy and icy in places High winds caused Chili Express to shut down-shuttled everyone to back side Long lines, but the staff has done an amazing job with what they've been dealt
posted 165 days ago by Anonymous

I've skiied AF late March before and have neer seen worse conditions here as this weekend. Slush and ice everywhere, plus so much wind that Chille Express is closed.
Spring Snow
posted 165 days ago by lindseybrown133

I hate this mountain. Chile Express (main lift) is closed due to wind. Longest lines I've ever seen at a ski resort. Shuttling people to the backside in buses. Hour wait at least to get on a shuttle or on a lift. If you're skiing on the this windy President's Day weekend you're probably better off not paying $66 to stand in lines at AF.

Displaying 16 - 20 of 320 First-hand Reports

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