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Mountain Creek Resort Resort Reviews

by: apken - 8th October 2009

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Triple play pass, Proximity to NYC
newbies, Icy conditions. Medical facilities

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We really wanted to give this place a second chance, So we purchased the Triple Play Pass - a great deal for ourselves and friends. Mountain Creek also has the cheapest bus ticket from NYC (NJ Transit) for any ski resort. This year we found that the enhanced snow making capacity still cannot provide enough coverage leaving conditions icy even before lunch. Inexperienced snowboarders will plow down any and all trails broadside scrapping all the snow to the sides or bottom leaving you the ice to slide over. The newbies consisted of out of control green skiers hollering and screaming as they fly down the slope barreling anything that can't get outa the way. Then there were the boarders, the ones who sit down in the middle of the trail, the reckless speeders, the ones who will clip you or your child twice in the same run without even an apology! In 2 years, I never saw anyone being warned against reckless behavior by the ski patrol. Most of the trails funnel into "Cab Ride" which crowds everyone into one icy main steam. The cabriolet is worst type of conveyance which requires one to remove skis and stand for the duration of the trip. Later in the day one would really appreciate the chance to sit down between runs, the way conventional lifts do. This last March we arrived in good weather, spring conditions were still a month away. As usual, we warmed up before going up the mountain. On the first run down I was dismayed to find that the trails felt like it was already late afternoon. And then just before the Cabriolet I hit a wider patch of ice and one of my skis caught an ice groove pulling my legs apart. Down I went and I couldn't stand up, other skiers stopped and offered assistance, not ski patrol, not a snow boarder. I hobbled as best as I could but I was hurt. Finally ski patrol showed and said I was already close enough to First Aid by the time they got a stretcher to me I could have walked the distance. Well...I could not walk and had to wait for for a stretcher from off the hill to get me to first aid. There the people were very pleasant and sympathetic, They performed a cursory exam, asked about the accident and had me sign a release form. They told me I was free to go. Later I had to beg for a ride to the bus pickup area and got on the bus with no assistance. The difference was amazing. 5 years ago at Stratton (also IntraWest) when I fell, Ski patrol was with me in minutes, off the mountain in minutes. I met with a board certified Doctor (Deal Alert - Free week of skiing for Doctors if you serve on duty) x-rayed, diagnosed and treated in a just a couple of hours, quicker than ER!!! So you want to risk limb pick your facility carefully. We sold our triple play passes in the parking lot and we' ll never go back

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