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Mountain Creek Resort Resort Reviews

by: iLiveToRide17 - 9th November 2007

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Mountain Creek is by far the WORST mountain you could ever go to. I'm 16 and I've lived in north New Jersey all my life, going to mountain creek at least 5 or 6 times a season since i was a very young because of it's the best thing we have thats the closest. It's a 30 to 40 minute drive from my house, and I honestly recommend people go to the bunny hill Camp Gaw or little bigger of a hill Hidden Valley which are both in north NJ. Mountain Creek is overwhelmingly and indescribabely crowded. Don't even remotely consider going there on a weekend because getting on the lifts are literally impossible, especially since most people there are jerks and losers and constantly cut the lines. It's complete chaos and a difficult struggle just to guarentee yourself a solid spot on the line, and then you can usually expect anywhere from 20 minutes (on a miraculous occassion) to an hour and a half or more. There was even one instance on a friday night where the lift was so long i actually (NO EXAGGERATION) walked up the entire mountain on foot, and still beat my friends waiting on the lift line. The mountain is so small anyways so it only took me about 40 min to walk up, but it completly wiped me out. Next, this is a promise, the trails are ALWAYS ALWAYS icy and you will never experience anything different. It doesn't snow in NJ anymore, and mountain creek can make snow, but they take an enternity to open the majority of their trails and to allow skiing and riding across all the peaks. It is so overcrowded on the trails that you're too busy worrying about kamikazyes flying down the hill out of control, not caring whether or not they hit you. Then, you have the people that go really slow and ski or ride across the entire width of the trail so you can't pass them. And finally, you just have people, usually groups of them, that literally just sit in the middle of the trail (which is already narrow) and make it very difficult to make it down the trail. I wouldn't go to mountain creek unless you're really a good skier or snowboarder (I'm a boarder) because your life is going to be in great danger here more than any other resort. I will say that they do have a great terrain park if you're passionate about the park, and they have expanded it even more this year, but in doing so eliminated more open trails. Basically, what I'm trying to tell is don't bother wasting your time going to Mountain Creek and don't waste your money on the 600$ season passes or the overpriced lift tickets. If you have a car and can get up a little bit earlier in the mornings, go somewhere in NY or even Vermont. I recommend Hunter Mountain, which is only an extra 40 to 50 minutes and is much better, bigger, friendlier, and completely worth it.

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