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Mountain Creek Resort Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 5th March 2007

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I had the unfortunate experience of visiting Mountain Creek on a Sunday during the month of January. This proved to be a terrible mistake and I can say with absolute certainty that not only will I never go back, but I will do everything in my power to put the word out to keep everyone I know away from this pathetic excuse of a ski resort. Years ago I was a skier and became pretty decent. I gave that up but recently took up snowboarding, which started this season. As a resident of New Jersey, I ignored some friendly advice and took my girlfriend to Mountain Creek on a Sunday against my better judgement. I should have turned around the moment I arrived to find every parking lot filled over capacity, but we figured, "How bad can it be on the mountain? After all, it's a mountain. It must have plenty of room, right?" Wrong. We made the trek from the very end of the farthest lot up to the check-in area, at which point we paid $108 for two lift tickets, unaware of the horror that would ensue. We kept a positive attitude and decided to give Mountain Creek a chance. That would later prove to be our undoing. Our trip up the ski lift was even less pleasant than the hike from the parking lot, as we had to pack and jam our way into a crowd of several hundred patrons during the course of our 20 minute wait to even get on the lift. For our extreme agitation, we were rewarded on the mountain with a couple of trails that were occupied with what seemed to be approximately one skier or snowboarder per square yard, one of which was nothing more than a compacted ice glacier. It was quite an experience to negotiate our way down these obstacle courses. The disappointment in the dangerously obnoxious overoccupancy of the mountain was matched perhaps only by the greedy enthusiasm with which the Mountain Creek staff gladly accepted our $108 as well as the complete lack of courtesy and total disregard shown for anyone else by the numerous patrons on the mountain that day. Indeed, Mountain Creek is apparently home to a large number of pushy, self-absorbed prudes and punks one would expect to find only in a rock concert mosh pit or at a free cash handout during a busy day on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. We left Mountain Creek, deciding that even $108 did not even come close to being worth the catastrophic experience of enduring the hell on that mountain. But oddly, perhaps the most sickening experience I had that day was in taking notice of the fact that many of the rude, obnoxious patrons didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with the crowd at the mountain. Many of them seemed to simply have reconciled themselves with the perverted notion that this level of absurdity was perfectly normal and fine. Shamefully, this experience did not prove to be a "one time" occasion. Several weeks later, another woman brought some people to the mountain and reported the exact same hellish experience. New Jersey is infamous for its highest population density in the entire U.S., as well as perhaps the rudest and most obnoxious people in the entire world. And Mountain Creek is the epitomy of everything that is wrong with New Jersey, especially North Jersey. If you have even minimal standards of courtesy, crowd control, safety, or even maintaining general positivity, do not ever go to this mountain.

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