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Campgaw Mountain Resort Reviews

by: Patrick W - 22nd February 2014

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no traffic jam
Staff doesn't care safety of young children

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I recently had a very bad experience with Campgaw. Last Sunday, along with 2 other families, took our kids to Campgaw. The kids are all between 5 and 6 years old. We pre-registered for one group lesson and one private lesson which had a 3-hour gap in between. They did pretty well in the first group lesson, and wanted to practice on the bunny slope while waiting for the second. Now if you have been to Campgaw, you know they use a conveyer lift for the bunny slopes. I was watching closely right outside the fence. The first time my kid went up and came down without any problems. However, the second time after he got off the lift, he appeared to be stuck and was just sitting on the snow for quite some time. When I heard he yelling 'DAD' from the distance, I realized that he might have difficulties with his bindings. So I went to find the onsite supervisor (name is Craig or Greg) and asked for help. His response to me was: "I told you guys stay outside the fence if you don't have the lift ticket, can't you see the sign?" I told him "I see the sign, but my 6 year-old has been stranded up there for a while, he needs help" Here is the rest of conversation: Craig: "I can't help you or him, he will have come down by himself or stay up there" Me: "I just need you to get someone near the lift area to help him with his bindings so he can come down" Craig (mind that he had a two-way radio, and could have radioed his team who were just a few feet away from my son to help): "I won't do that, and if you stay here I am going to call county police to escort you out" Me: "He's only six and is a beginner, can't you do anything' Craig:' NO!' Being desperate, I turned to seek help from the management office, a lady from the office finally went to the bunny hill to help. Thanks to the lady, my son finally came down all frightened with tears in his eyes, there was a sheet of ice on his lower back from sitting too long in the snow. Even after the ordeal, my son went on to his private lesson, he loves this sport so much but I'm just not willing to put him in the same situation again. Campgaw is a facility targeting kids and family, but their actions tells me that they don't care about the wellbeing and the safety of their customers, not even for a minor. If you must go there, realize that there you're putting yourself and your kids at risk.

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