by: GregMorell - Nov 11, 2010

  • Overall Rating 5
  • Family Friendly 3
  • All-Mtn. Terrain 5
  • Terrain Park 3
  • Nightlife 3

    Pros: superb & unique ski experience

    Cons: don't spend enough time there

    Recommended For: Singles

    Date Visited: Feb 1, 2010

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New Hampshire’s Wildcat Mountain is missing a few things-condos,
hotels, waffle houses, and slope-side McMansions. What remains are the
network of trails, four lifts and the glory of the White Mountain
National Forest. Even the trail signage is understated and as unobtrusive as
possible. It’s a frosty panorama of the natural wonders of tall pines,
thick forest and a surround of huge mountain boulders that stretch
across the horizon in all directions.

At the base of that trail is the fastest
chair lift in the East -- a snappy Wildcat Express Quad that whisks
you up to the peak in just six minutes
Once you’re at the top, Wildcat’s Polecat trail runs down to the base
in three segments, Polecat-Tomcat and Stray-Cat. Total distance from
top to bottom is 2.75 miles. This is the kind of green trail that
challenges the novice but makes for a long speedy dash to the base for
the intermediate skier. However, what there is no shortage of on this
mountain is expert mogul trails. They are numerous and very
challenging. The steepest and most daring is the aptly named Topcat,
guaranteed to turn your knuckles white if you have the courage to try
and skin that cat.

The Cats rule on this mountain and the rider soon becomes familiar
with Bobcat, Blackcat, Cheetah, Lynx, Cougar and Copycat -- and Wild
Kitten provides a playful trail for advanced beginners. The summit
scratches the sky at 4,062 feet and enjoys a vertical ascent from base
to peak of 2,112 feet. Wildcat’s White Mountain locale places it
directly across from the famed Tuckerman Ravine. It’s New Hampshire’s
high spot for snow. Normal annual snowfall is over 200 inches, but
this past year a major late February storm dumped over 50 inches in less
than a week. While the rest of New England’s ski towns were swinging
between rain and snow -- at Wildcat it was a total snow event.