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Mount Sunapee +

I was there yesterday (Friday 12/9), conditions were terrific on Blast Off and Wingding.

19 hours ago - Mount Sunapee.

Dr. Jay's iPad

Some good snow on Skyway if you could ski over the ice to get there. Otherwise pretty firm all around the mountain today.

260 day(s) ago - Mount Sunapee.

Mount Sunapee +

Not a bad day on the slopes. Snow was good at 9:15, no crowds, ice started poking through in the afternoon. Only three lifts were open, but there were still some decent options for intermediate to somewhat advanced skiers. Good day considering the low expectations.

266 day(s) ago - Mount Sunapee.

Machine Groomed 0"
Mount Sunapee +

Stopped by yesterday for a nice afternoon of spring skiing, and given what Mo' Nature has dealt us this year, it was good slushy snow. Be prepared for a workout. Quite a few bare/extremely thin spots on the trails, but I'll take what I can get. Run of the day: Upper Blast Off to Beck Brook to Lower Ridge

269 day(s) ago - Mount Sunapee.

Spring Snow
anonymous user

Skiing next weekend looks like a 50/50 proposition. Ice this am, full on deep slush in the afternoon. Ridge, bonanza, Lynx, and eggbeater all showing lots of ground.

273 day(s) ago - Mount Sunapee.

Spring Snow