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Good day again. Don't miss the last day, conditions are good all over.

199 day(s) ago - Loon Mountain.


Better than last weekend today. Thursday's big rain storm softened up the mountain so most of the terrain is very soft snow. Still large scattered patched of ice but they are avoidable. Should be a good closing weekend.

200 day(s) ago - Loon Mountain.

Loon Mountain +

Last run of the day and there is still a bit of corduroy. Small amount of ice. January conditions!

202 day(s) ago - Loon Mountain.

Hard Packed

Really really bad Saturday (80s day). Dangerously bad. If you aren't an advanced skier you really shouldn't go out. Massive sheets of ice on every trail but lower flume. The rain keeps washing the good snow away. Hopefully the final weekend of the season will be better.

205 day(s) ago - Loon Mountain.


Skied Saturday 4/2. Conditions were as expected for spring skiing, cloudy most of the day but still good overall. Unfortunate they are closing west basin because many of the trails there are still in decent condition, probably my last day of the season.

205 day(s) ago - Loon Mountain.

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