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Loon Mountain Resort Reviews

by: ju - 18th April 2012

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close to ski area
unfriendly and unprofessional pool staff

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We been in New Hampshire in spring 2011.Nice ski resort, good condo no air conditioning it’s ok for wintertime My husband go to ski, myself I go to pool once or twice per week. They call it swim club .It has a couple of pools, even the large pool is too small for a swimmer. Back then I noticed a couple of things, The coin operated lockers didn’t work The showers were blocked , I couldn’t turn them on none of them. It took some time until the mechanic showed up and fixed the showers I had to wait because I need to take a cold shower before entering pool He fixed the showers but he didn’t fix the lockers. I remember he was not too friendly and pool staff members not friendly either People were complaining about them all the time. That was last year. Unfortunately this year we booked our 2012 vacation at the same resort for various reasons. There were no available close ski resorts etc. I was not too happy about it but I hoped they fixed the problems around the pool. And I had a horrible experience there First of all lockers and showers still didn’t work none of them., I called the woman from the pool desk. She did something and turned on one of the showers, I asked her what was going why the showers don’t work? “Must be a trick’ she sais wisely. I took a cold shower and I get in the pool. After I finished my workout I was in the shower when I heard in a locker room a man saying “we closed 5 minutes ago.” I dressed up in a hurry but I didn’t get a chance to dry my hair. The man and the women were at the pool desk, The man looked at me and asked the woman if he should call the cops I asked him , why he should call the cops? He didn’t give me one reason he burst out in rage instead.. He started to yell at me Shut up shut up with so much hatred and hostility in his voice that I got scared I asked him one more time ,why he should call the cops> He couldn’t give me an articulate answer, he just yell louder and louder, shut up, shut up.. over and over again. I told him I’m RCI customer and he cannot yell at me like that He keep yelling Clearly he was trying to intimidate me .I asked the woman to give me a dry towel for my hair. . The woman joined the yelling and hatred .She yell at me ” I don’t give you anything , get out and you are not allowed hear anymore” I have free access to pools but, who would go back anyway Who was that rude ,poor judgmental woman and who’s that psycho guy? Same evening I rushed to the reception to report. They were closed. Doors locked. Next day I reported to the guy and the girl at the front desk. I described them because I didn’t know their names. They wore no nametag Tall man in his late twenties/ early thirties, dark brown hair, brown eyes ,fair, and middle age woman light brown hair, grey eyes. The girl and the guy were not surprised, they seem they were used to it. The girl formally apologies I told them I’m not interested to go back there, their behavior is unacceptable They both agreed that was unacceptable. Nick, the guy , told me he’ll talk to the general manager and pool manager however they are private he said. That swim club must have a contract with the resort they should respect. And they operate privately How? If they can make the person feel uncomfortable and he or she is not coming back is good for them Less used towels less cleanup. Why to bother to be nice to the customer/client/visitor? They still get their share from maintenance fees and prepaid packages pool included And they get it upfront long before the client get there. This is the fault of the management of the resort. And they “operate” under the umbrella of an international exchange company the RCI. It’s an outrage.

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