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Firsthand Reports

King Pine +

Great skiing on all the trails. Soft spring snow.

210 day(s) ago - King Pine.

Spring Snow
King Pine +

Conditions were great! Very surprised with the lack of real snow thus far this season. Even after a full day of skiing there was very little ice. Great day all around!

239 day(s) ago - King Pine.

Christopher's iPad

Great conditions! First time skiing at king pine great mountain. Loved it. Pitch Pine, the steep double black-diamond, was awsome. Great Job!!

2 years ago - King Pine.

Machine Groomed 0"
King Pine +

Great conditions at King Pine today. Some skied off areas by the end of the day but easy to avoid them. Plenty of powder left. Even though it is the start of vacation week, lines were quick. Such a nice family oriented ski area!

2 years ago - King Pine.

Packed powder
Joel's iPhone

Good conditions with lose granular and little ice under. No lines from opening till 2pm!!! Great hill for kids and beginners.

2 years ago - King Pine.