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Went yesterday, almost no one there. Sticky, grippy snow that was nice in the morning turned a little bit too sticky in the afternoon. A lot of the trails with flat patches turned into cross country skiing. Still a great day at gunstock

2 day(s) ago - Gunstock.


The comment below this is untrue be cause gunstock closes April 5

3 day(s) ago - Gunstock.

Wet Snow 0"
Jim Carter

Closed for the season... So sad

4 day(s) ago - Gunstock.


Was there yesterday and today. Arrived at 9 both days. Yesterday was perfect. Today was cold and windy. The trails were icy early but by around 10:30 conditions were great. Going again tomorrow. Great spot.

11 day(s) ago - Gunstock.

Machine Groomed 0"

this app said 5" yesterday afternoon. I didn't believe it, but went anyway...I chose poorly. Soft snow earlier yielded rock hard ruts to chatter over. third of the place closed by 5pm, half of the rest closed by 730. Good news?! The snow should stay for a minute. go during the day for Sun and softer terrain . night skiing ends this week. seems just as well.

11 day(s) ago - Gunstock.