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Firsthand Reports


not closed! went 2 days ago, snow wet but skiing great and zero people. walk to top of Tiger for best run!

188 day(s) ago - Gunstock.


Went March 30th. Frozen granular till 11:00, then soft spring skiing the rest of the day. Great coverage, low crowds, lots of sun and a good time.

194 day(s) ago - Gunstock.

Spring Snow

Went yesterday, almost no one there. Sticky, grippy snow that was nice in the morning turned a little bit too sticky in the afternoon. A lot of the trails with flat patches turned into cross country skiing. Still a great day at gunstock

196 day(s) ago - Gunstock.


The comment below this is untrue be cause gunstock closes April 5

197 day(s) ago - Gunstock.

Wet Snow 0"
Jim Carter

Closed for the season... So sad

199 day(s) ago - Gunstock.