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Yes, slide bowl is open top to bottom. However, only big bonanza and a couple other groomers looked like they had good conditions. There are some soft moguls on other runs on slide side if you don't mind dodging rocks. Get there early in the morning if you like slide side.

9 hours ago - Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe.

Variable Conditions

is slide bowl still open top to bottom and do you think it will last until Tuesday?

13 hours ago - Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe.


Slide bowl side has limited coverage except a couple groomers. Rose side has good coverage on all runs, mixed coverage in trees. Fun, but a little icy in spots. Stay off tahoe view - way too icy.

16 hours ago - Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe.

Variable Conditions
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3/28/15 7:30am

20 hours ago - Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe.

Spring Snow
Frank's iPhone

No bueno! Conditions were ok from 8 to 11ish... After that it all went down hill, slush everywhere. So much slush, temperature got into mid 60. Left at 1 disappointed, got to late to the season.

2 day(s) ago - Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe.