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Firsthand Reports


Lots of precipitation these last few days put nothing that wants to stick to the ground and help start our base. We are only a couple of days into winter so keep your heads high and pray for snow!

345 day(s) ago - Elko SnoBowl.

Wet Snow 0"

Unfortunately we didn't get as much snow as anticipated, we ended up with around an inch for the weekend. We have a bit of a warm weather coming in for Thanksgiving week, then another cold front! Pray for snow and keep checking in!

1 years ago - Elko SnoBowl.


First storm of the year bringing in a little more than we had expected! Around 2" has fallen so far with a little more expected throughout the next few hours!

1 years ago - Elko SnoBowl.

Wet Snow 2"

First time reporting for the 2014 season! Hopefully we have a better year than years past! A little storm is expected to come in tonight and tomorrow. As you see the snow fly call 777-7707 for updates!

1 years ago - Elko SnoBowl.


Around 4" of wet powder fell last night! Perfect snow to pack and have freeze to help our base! Keep calling 777-7707 for updates!

2 years ago - Elko SnoBowl.

Wet Snow 4"