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Get Diamond Peak weather forecast information, including temperature, snowfall and wind details at the summit and base every three hours throughout the day. Check out this comprehensive Diamond Peak weather report first before heading up for the day.

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Trail Map

Trail Map

Trail Map


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  • March 5th BOT Monthly Retreat General Business: The Diamond Peak Master Plan

    The Diamond Peak Draft Master Plan was presented to the community and Board of Trustees for the first time by the SE Group on Feb. 12, 2014. This document looks at the potential for the future development of Diamond Peak as a year-round community recreational resource.More

  • Diamond Peak March Events

    Last Tracks Wine & Beer Tasting Series at Snowflake Lodge: Every Saturday enjoy wine tasting and appetizers at the unique mid-mountain Snowflake Lodge overlooking Lake Tahoe before skiing/riding down a freshly groomed run. More

  • Diamond Peak Deals and Steals

    Diamond Peak received over a foot of fresh snow from the past storm and is known for its incredible lake views, family-friendly lesson programs, and great deals! More


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