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3-2-2015 It's Snowing Again!
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3-1-15 Two Brothers From Kentucky

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Went to Whitefish in Monday March 2 and although it's hard packed and icy in spots it was very good for the poor snow fall this year. North side was wonderful. Recommend it highly if you are stuck in this area as we were in Fernie and its horrible.

3 hours ago - Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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Arrived on Saturday and got a chance to listen to folks speak of how "terrible" it was. For having a limited amount of snow over the past few weeks the conditions were fantastic. Off trail probably not the best, buy great for a day of getting those groomers in. Love Whitefish.

9 day(s) ago - Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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Insanely sunny on Sun and crowded. Lines moved pretty well unless the lifty was older. Hard and fast in the morning. Softened up by 1:30. Monday was sunnier and less crowded.

15 day(s) ago - Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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Friday and Saturday were fantastic spring corn days and very warm. Colder temps last night made morning snow hard. Good time to hike the summit with skis as I waited for the snow to soften in the sun. Glorious three days at the 'Fish even without fresh snow

16 day(s) ago - Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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Billy Dixon’s iPhone

Down here for a week. Although it might seem depressing with the morning hardback, much better than anything close to here. It's an off ski season folks! Let's pray we get winter next year!

16 day(s) ago - Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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