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This is from 12/26. Good powder cover in a lot of places, some rocks and stumps but usually visible and avoidable.

18 day(s) ago - Red Lodge Mountain.

Powder 5"

Awesome day at RL. great runs super staff i'll be back tomorrow

320 day(s) ago - Red Lodge Mountain.


Caught a edge too...slush at the trail right now is lazy m if the winds don't shut down the upper lifts. Spring skiing in February.

323 day(s) ago - Red Lodge Mountain.


A sad, sunny day up here. The best lift is closed due to lack of snow and all that's open is bulletproof or dirt. A very nice, sunny day however.

331 day(s) ago - Red Lodge Mountain.

Spring Snow
Barry's iPhone

Been pretty weak year for snow thus far. Coal Creek still not open and no dumps for a long time. Please God send some pow

360 day(s) ago - Red Lodge Mountain.