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Firsthand Reports


sunny, warm and skiable...up top.

54 day(s) ago - Montana Snowbowl.

Corn Snow 25"
Plowed but not sanded.

Fantastic day at the bowl. Tomorrow should be great too. Road was an ice rink on the way down. Love Snowbowl.

71 day(s) ago - Montana Snowbowl.

Powder 5"
Montana Snowbowl +

Not a bad day up on top, lake Missoula

100 day(s) ago - Montana Snowbowl.

Variable Conditions

Feb 13- iced over day before but had about 3 inches of new snow on top, not great snow conditions, hopefully it softens up

103 day(s) ago - Montana Snowbowl.

Hard Packed

Snow was pretty good, packed powder no ice found. Windy, foggy conditions. Snowbowl's terrain is so dope, just need more freshy fresh. Remodel that bar/restaurant for more seating already bros!

110 day(s) ago - Montana Snowbowl.