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Firsthand Reports

Haus Tuning

Great March pow day! Fresh tracks till last chair! Friend was demoing a soul motion and was pumped!

294 day(s) ago - Lost Trail - Powder Mtn.

Powder 8"

All I need are some tasty turns and a good buzz and I'm lines, lots of sunshine killer day brah

302 day(s) ago - Lost Trail - Powder Mtn.

Spring Snow

Got rained out bad yesterday in the afternoon at chair 4 and morning conditions were so slow and sticky it was almost un rideable. Sad day at lt. Terrain park is embarrassing at best.

312 day(s) ago - Lost Trail - Powder Mtn.

Wet Snow

Fun day but man do they need to fire the park crew and get someone in there who knows how to build a park that people can enjoy.

323 day(s) ago - Lost Trail - Powder Mtn.

Hard Packed
Lost Trail - Powder Mtn +

Epic powder last week!

348 day(s) ago - Lost Trail - Powder Mtn.