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3/15: Raining earlier in the day. Sluice box, silver bow almost unskiable. Berkeley getting pretty bare too. Back side in better shape but snow is soft and thin pretty much everywhere.

255 day(s) ago - Discovery Ski Area.

Wet Snow 0"
Discovery Ski Area +

Skied 3/10. Too icy for me to ski in the morning, slushy but skiable in the afternoon. Definitely spring skiing- 50 degrees F, blue skies, skied in my tee shirt. While the front side was slushy in the afternoon, the back side was still a bit icy. Some bare spots present.

261 day(s) ago - Discovery Ski Area.

Spring Snow 0"
Discovery Ski Area +

265 day(s) ago - Discovery Ski Area.

Discovery Ski Area +

Another X day at the Disco. Only two inches from the storm but use it or lose it. Very nice on the front groomers and backside ridges, fingers and east bowl. Seek and you shall find. Thanks Disco.

269 day(s) ago - Discovery Ski Area.

Packed powder 2"
Discovery Ski Area +

Skied afternoon of 3/2. Only skied the front side but much better snow than I expected. Packed snow, minimal bare spots which are all well marked. Started snowing hard at the end of the day. I'd estimate at least 2 inches and still snowing... Tomorrow's gonna be good!!!

270 day(s) ago - Discovery Ski Area.

Hard Packed 2"