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Big Sky Resort +

Great powder day

147 day(s) ago - Big Sky Resort.


Only 7 more months until we can start skiing again!!!

148 day(s) ago - Big Sky Resort.

Big Sky Resort +

Despite no new snow and skiing 6 days in a row, today was the best yet! Start low, end high, the soft snow follows. Tram was great after 1 pm.

166 day(s) ago - Big Sky Resort.

Spring Snow 0"
Big Sky Resort +

Headwaters were great this afternoon! Very warm though and I don't know how many days are left. Skiing down to the base after 1pm is painful though.

169 day(s) ago - Big Sky Resort.

Packed powder

Getting warm but still great up top

170 day(s) ago - Big Sky Resort.

Packed powder 0"