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Hidden Valley Ski Area Resort Reviews

by: thoslolly - 12th February 2009

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Very close drive if you live in the St. Louis area
Small, really too warm a climate, lots of beginners, very dangerous obstacles

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Have been going to this place since the early 90's about once a year. Usually take the middle school youth group from my church. Usually do all night skiing which is a bit less crowded than daytime skiing. This year however went in the daytime--last Saturday actually. It reached a high of about 70 degrees! Actually was not bad skiing. A little slushy and got a little icy as the day went on. By far the warmest skiing I have ever done--spent the entire day in a T-shirt, no gloves. This is not that bad of a place if you live in the St. Louis area. Not a place I would drive a long distance to. Very small although since they opened the back hill and it's ski lift, it is much better. Also, the new ski rental building which was actually added probably 6-8 years ago make ski rental a lot faster than it was in the past. Ski equipment is fairly new and kept in good shape. Anyway, this is not a bad place to spend a day of skiing locally, although tends to be a lot of beginner skiers which can sometimes be dangerous because they don't know what they're doing and can cut you off. One thing bad is there is no "medium" ski runs serviced by chairlift. Once you go up the chairlift it can be fairly difficult for the inexperienced skier. And the ski school guides don't even take you up the chairlift. The one bad thing about this place is that on the main middle run "Lauren's Lane," which runs between the two main chairlifts, there are numerous penetrations through the snow--water pipes mainly (from the snow making devices I assume), and the ski lift towers themselves--that are not protected in any way. Nor are they even blocked by warning signs or orange fences. The ski lift towers do have the normal padding on them but they only reach to about the mid chest of an adult. If you actually hit one of them head-on you would still slam your head into the steel tower. I'm very surprised that no one has been seriously injured over the years because of this (maybe they have). Nice clean indoor lodge. Food is good but very overpriced but that is expected. A normal 20 oz., $1.00 bottle of soda was $2.50! Very nice drive to this place--surrounded by million dollar homes. I understand they are planning another expansion which should make it even better, but the location, lower Midwest, makes for a short ski season. We don't get a lot of snow here anymore and tend to have unusually mild days during winter months in recent years. It's usually man-made snow at this place but not really all that bad.

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