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Firsthand Reports


How is the snow this week?

276 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Raymond's iPhone

Haven't been to Welch in years. Lots of ice but typical for blown snow. Board park sucked! Was very disappointed with that. But all in all I remember why I don't board at Welch.

297 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Machine Made 0"
Mike. mpls.

For it being almost 40 degrees, the snow is very nice. Everything open. Great day.

310 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Wet Snow 0"
Ipod gen 6

Great fun time Lots of great trails

318 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Variable Conditions 1"
Welch Village +

Laura S and dad checking out Welch Villiage. Groomed trails. Great for all abilities. Easy to find and staff is very helpful

322 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Hard Packed 1"