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Firsthand Reports

TC Ski Monster

quality snow. No lines. Need some kind of special. Tickets are $50 which is $3 less then Afton. Under $40 would be better. Best within an hour of tc

4 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Packed powder

out on 1/16/17. Conditions great. The base still a little icy but workable. Back bowl open.

4 day(s) ago - Welch Village.


I was out on 1/10 and conditions were great. The base is a little icy from the previous melt and refreeze but the new snow has helped.

8 day(s) ago - Welch Village.


Fair too decent conditions. Some areas of ice but easy to avoid. Back bowl is open. Welch is one good snow day away from optimal conditions.

21 day(s) ago - Welch Village.

Machine Groomed
Kyle's iPhone (2)

First time to are things at Welch??

28 day(s) ago - Welch Village.