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Spirit Mountain Resort Reviews

by: Richard - 3rd February 2009

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None, but that's not Spirit Mountain's fault
Snow, weather

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Well, after the glowing reviews of Spirit Mountain so far this season, it's about time a not-so-favorable review pops up. But, it's not Spirit's fault. It's the weather. And bad weather for Twin Ports skiing is probably long over due. The past week has been great skiing for Spirit--almost spring skiing conditions. The temps were in the 30s and 40s, I was told, and made for soft snow. But 36 hours ago, another deep freeze hit. It turned that soft, groomed snow into icy concrete. And that's where the snow has stayed. Even the best groomers in the world can't bust up that to make it enjoyable. On top of that, the wind was whipping up the hill off the lake, as it often does at Spirit Mountain. This blew what little loose snow there was on the hill around into obscure piles around the runs. Plus, since it was race league night, it only made the turns that much more bitterly cold. I only made one warm-up run, my two race runs, and then one cool-down run it was so cold. My fingers and toes were ice, and my face was so frost-bit, it felt like my skin was on fire. Again, there's nothing wrong with Spirit Mountain *the resort.* They are doing everything they can to stay viable in this weird warm-up, cool-down cycle. If we can hit temps of 20s again, Spirit will be able to reap the benefits once more of a terrific base (the snow is there, it just can't be groomed when it's frozen solid). So as much as I hate to say it, wait on the weather if you want to make some turns at Spirit. Between the boilerplate ice that's passing as "runs" right now and the chilly temps, see if you can catch a day this week where a warm-up will occur. Then, you'll be back in the Good Stuff that I've showered glowering reviews upon Spirit Mountain before. The snow's there, the weather's not (yet).

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