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Pine Knob Ski Resort +

PK was in excellent condition Saturday 1/23. Terrain parks were good, the Wall was excellent. Missed the mogul run they had last year. Best managed hill in southeast Michigan.

182 day(s) ago - Pine Knob Ski Resort.

Machine Groomed
Pine Knob Ski Resort +

196 day(s) ago - Pine Knob Ski Resort.


Great conditions!! There was a heavy mist and some sprinkling all day but in the end it all combined into great snow, perfect for carving. There was almost no line for the lifts, and epic runs. 5/5 best time I've had at Pine Knob

197 day(s) ago - Pine Knob Ski Resort.

Hard Packed

Great snow conditions but very crowded due to only the lifts open.

203 day(s) ago - Pine Knob Ski Resort.

Packed powder 0"
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215 day(s) ago - Pine Knob Ski Resort.

Wet Snow 1"