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Mount Bohemia +

Day 2: Today was even better than yesterday. Good visability. Another 5"'fell overnight and the wind buffed out all previous tracks. I'm so happy to have a place to break out the powder skis here in the Midwest. The base is higher 36" more like 50", and the snow amounts are always underwported

3 day(s) ago - Mount Bohemia.

Powder 5"

Great day today! About 7 inches in the last 24 hours. This lake effect snow is no joke. Good coverage pretty much everywhere on the mountain. Surprised with the amount of snow despite the late start to the season. First time here and pleasantly surprised with the terrain and snow.

4 day(s) ago - Mount Bohemia.

Powder 7"
Mount Bohemia +

12" on Tuesday, 4" on Wednesday. Mostly packed powder but you can occasionally still make fresh tracks in the woods.

7 day(s) ago - Mount Bohemia.

Packed powder
Mount Bohemia +

Come get some!! Great conditions last 2 days

8 day(s) ago - Mount Bohemia.

Mount Bohemia +

Trees have fresh snow! Some rocks showing still a great day! Pray for more snow!

15 day(s) ago - Mount Bohemia.

Packed powder