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Firsthand Reports

Crystal Mountain +

Front side packed and groomed back side not , still a good day on the Mt

258 day(s) ago - Crystal Mountain.


Got pretty slushy in the evening last Friday, especially on Loki, but great staff made for a great spring ski! can't wait to come back next year!

261 day(s) ago - Crystal Mountain.

Crystal Mountain +

264 day(s) ago - Crystal Mountain.

Crystal Mountain +

Hard pack groomed in the morning. Soft and a bit slushy in the afternoon. Excellent Spring skiing!

267 day(s) ago - Crystal Mountain.

Spring Snow
Crystal Mountain +

The snow is sticky and slow, but if you're looking to make a good snowman, or have a snowball fight with your friends, then the snow is perfect. It packs easily and is wet. The blotches of dark yellow snow are like brakes on your snowboard so avoid those. It is warm and sunny so have fun!

269 day(s) ago - Crystal Mountain.

Wet Snow 5"