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Firsthand Reports

Jeff's iPhone

Triple chair lift not running today (1/1/17). .

20 day(s) ago - Cannonsburg.

Corn Snow 0"
Cannonsburg +

Cold but well worth it only quad and showtime park open. LOTS of powder.

36 day(s) ago - Cannonsburg.

Variable Conditions
Cannonsburg +

Beautiful on Saturday. Snow is getting sticky late in day. Canonsburg has done an excellent job fighting nature though!

329 day(s) ago - Cannonsburg.

Scott's iPhone

Soft groomed snow.

340 day(s) ago - Cannonsburg.

Packed powder 1"
Cannonsburg +

Great day out on the slopes today. Mid 20s and perfect grooming.

359 day(s) ago - Cannonsburg.

Machine Groomed 0"