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Cannonsburg Resort Reviews

by: mark - 2nd March 2008

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have been skiing here for 30-some years. Nothing has changed. (oh--off the edge of the quad, either the snow fence just collapsed, or they've called it a slope--its a cliff that is never open). They obviously put NO money into the resort (except chair pads on quad this year) but thats the most i've seen in all these years. I noticed as I rode up the quad how the power boxes and utility boxes are openly exposed, an accident waiting to happen. As usual, the liftlines were horrendous, and I take this as responsibility on the part of the attendents and owners--people dont know how to Queue up and 1/2 the chairs go up with single riders, and the lift line is completely unorganized. Line-cutters are De-Rigeur, I've seen it numerous times. The unload station on the Quad is the scariest hill there, and is a constant wipe out, especially for snowboarders. The Tbar on the Face is roached. Someone told me "it hasnt run much this year" (NO--it BROKE!!) OF course, the trek BACK from the triple is always a major pain. BREAK out the bulldozer and re-contour the area between the quad and triple and throw another chair in there. As it is, the "slopes" in between dont have lifts and just "sit idle". Very expensive, they ought to consider offering pay-by-hour, cuz after one hour, any advanced skier is bored to death, but I have to go out and pay 32.00 and somehow managed to make the 'trip' last an hour and 40 minutes yesterday---a personal First. Down the quad run to practice once, and then 20 times down the face and finally gave up. They know they are the only game in town and closeby and it is just shameful that they dont take the HEAVY income they are making and breathe a little life into the place. And there are actually 3-4 chairs MISSING from the triple. Is this safe?? hmm. I've been there 5 times this year only out of desperation because its nearby. For beginners, this is just great, but even on the beginnner hills between the Q and the T, there are no TOWS on them (though they advertise more than they've got) (slopes AND lifts). Whoever owns this place just LOVES us Grand Rapidians!! (or should I say---our money!?) come on!!! does a NON SKIER own this place??? it is by FAR the most neglected area in Michigan, BAR NONE! I'm sorry for being so negative, but give me something to be positive about, other than that you are 20 minutes away for me and nothing else.

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