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posted 29 day(s) ago by David's iPhone

Sunshine and snow at Boyne Highlands!
Variable Conditions
posted 37 day(s) ago by Sony Xperia z3v

Not even half the hill is open. Theres dirt everywhere and the 30 inch base is a lie its more like 3 inches. spend the extra 6 dollats and go to nubs. almost everything is open there and theres a good base built up. Bay Saturday the entire Hill at nubs will be open.
posted 42 day(s) ago by rich.r.bland

highlands skied well today, glad to get my first turns of the season. snow was mostly good, some ice, some heavy machine snow. overall, great day of skiing.
posted 44 day(s) ago by Charlie’s iPhone

Tons of snowfall today with guns blazing made for good conditions for what little snow they've seen so far. Made for a surprisingly great day
posted 46 day(s) ago by Kelli's iPad

Displaying 16 - 20 of 233 Firsthand Reports

2 | 3 | 4 | 5