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Firsthand Reports


Great conditions, great terrain and good snow. More terrain opening up every day.

321 day(s) ago - Big Powderhorn Mountain.


Best place in the Midwest! Skied the whole mountain nearly 3 times in a day and conditions were awesome! Nice staff, lifts were quick and well maintained, and got a meal and soft drink for only 7 bucks. Well worth the drive north!

2 years ago - Big Powderhorn Mountain.

Big Powderhorn Mountain +

Snowboarders early Saturday, some of the best snow I've been on in a while!

3 years ago - Big Powderhorn Mountain.

Packed powder


3 years ago - Big Powderhorn Mountain.

Powder 15"
Wendy's iPhone

Good day at Powderhorn. Glad to see it busy! Sad to see one of the main chairs was not running on the backside but great December conditions. We'll be back again.

3 years ago - Big Powderhorn Mountain.