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11/25 twilight: very good coverage and conditions. little spring like when temps were mid 40's, then conditions improved when temps dropped to high 30's.

6 day(s) ago - Jiminy Peak.

Dave’s iPhone 6s

Skied opening night at twilight,temps in the 40s, no ice conditions where good overall. The Snowmageddon team did an awesome job. Th

7 day(s) ago - Jiminy Peak.

Spring Snow 0"
Di's iPhone

Was there Saturday. Only a few trails open, but condition was not bad, some ice pads in the morning. Softened to good slush in the afternoon

256 day(s) ago - Jiminy Peak.

Spring Snow

Their still open?! How are conditions? Is it worth the 12 trails?

256 day(s) ago - Jiminy Peak.


75 degrees is just too hot to board in. Too much melt water was overwhelming the otherwise tolerable slush we were seeking. Will take a couple of cooler days to dry out and move snow around, but the season is going to end faster than usual.

268 day(s) ago - Jiminy Peak.