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Jiminy Peak Resort Reviews

by: frugalm0m - 19th February 2009

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well maintained trails, fast main lift
merging slow & fast trails, unfriendly staff, stairs to snow!!

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Our recent experience with Jiminy's SkiWEE program was awful. The program is disorganized, chaotic and uncaring towards the children. And that was evident for the parents before dropping off the kids. Who knows what goes on while the instructors have the kids!! For specifics: We enrolled our 3-year old daughter for 3 consecutive days in the SkiWEE program over President's weekend. We were surprised that she was assigned a pair of new instructors every day. On the 3rd day, when yet again assigned 2 new instructors our 3-year old started to cry and balk. She had formed a nice relationship with a pair of instructors from the preceding day and asked if she could have them. Both instructors were present, but had been assigned to another age group. I asked the supervisor Jason if our daughter could have some continuity and see a familiar face. He said "no, it wouldn't be fair to my instructors." Surprised, I asked what he meant. He said that "the instructors don't want to stay with the babies," so Jason moves the instructors up each day to instruct more advanced/older skiers. I was shocked. One of the instructors that my 3-year old recognized stood by ready to assist, and she offered to take our daughter into her group. Again, the supervisor Jason said that the instructor could not and walked away from me, my tearful child and the trying-to-help instructor. At this point, I asked to speak with the manager, which Jason ignored. An older (60ish) instructor from the line of waiting instructors came over and offered to help. He volunteered to me that he is a parent and grandparent (and a supervisor); he understood and would remedy the situation. We are very grateful to this more mature instructor who ensured that our daughter did in fact have a familiar face that day. On the other hand, we are outraged by Jason's attitude and Jiminy Peak's policy towards the youngest children in your SkiWEE program. There were probably several ways to accommodate the situation; walking away from and ignoring me and my child was discourteous and unprofessional. Jason's comment indicates that Jiminy's instructors do not care to teach the younger/novice skiers and therefore bide their time until they can be rapidly moved up to older/more advanced skiers. We would not have entrusted our children in a program that disregards the needs of the youngest children who require a bit more hand-holding and nurturing. Perhaps Jiiminy should hire a cadre of instructors who prefer to teach these younger ones, as has been our experience at other ski resorts. To be clear, we certainly never expect to handpick instructors for a group lesson. But it seems obvious that the younger kids need continuity and familiarity, especially as they are away from home and parents. With this knowledge of Jiminy's policy and our recent experience we are disinclined to return to Jiminy Peak.

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