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new guy

Yesterday was great except the lift was stopped twice due to technical issues. The technician had to climb to one of the posts to fix the issue.

3 days ago - Blue Hills Ski Area.

Machine Groomed
Blue Hills Ski Area +

Went yesterday and the day was perfect. Although a bit icy. Very friendly staff!

4 days ago - Blue Hills Ski Area.

Hard Packed
Blue Hills Ski Area +

Yesterday I visited Blue Hills Ski Area in Canton, MA. The conditions were about as perfect as you could ask for for packed powder skiing! There were 3 main ways down from the summit; Big Blue, Patriots Path, and glades off of Patriots Path. It was in the teens to lower 20s and clear the whole day. There was a suprising amount of natural snow, compared to what I have at home, which allowed for some gladed areas to be open. The manmade base had a nice coating of natural snow from a day before and the grooming was amazing (better than I have seen at places like Sunday River or Wildcat on a similar day)! The crowds never got too bad and the lift line was about 4 minutes at longest (for about half an hour around 2:00) (about 50% of the time the double was ski-on). There was no ice then whole day and the snow never got pushed into soft moguls either. From the ski area there were great views west, northwest, and southwest. Around mid-day I took off my skis and walked a quarter mile to the summit and then to the observation tower to get views east, northeast, and southeast. I would say that it was probably my best day skiing on packed powder ever! Blue Hills is a good deal for being so close to Boston ($40 for 12 hours of skiing) and they manage their snow very well. They also do a great job of seperating the novice learning area from the main lift. I hope to return when they are closer to 100% open because some of the other terrain in the woods and under the chairlift looked very fun.

14 days ago - Blue Hills Ski Area.

Packed powder 2"
Blue Hills Ski Area +

Ideal snow condition today! Not icy at all!

15 days ago - Blue Hills Ski Area.

Wet Snow 1"
Cool Boss Man

Great conditions! No ice whatsoever. Mostly no lines. Fantastic Day Overall!

15 days ago - Blue Hills Ski Area.

Variable Conditions