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Firsthand Reports

iPhone (2)

Conditions are as expected after a week of rain and unseasonable temperatures. Ace's run is in good condition on backside. No lines! Good time!

1 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Machine Made 0"

How are the conditions after the rain that came through?

3 day(s) ago - Wisp.

JBum's iPhone

Horrible Conditions for MLK Day. Don't even consider going unless you want to play in sand. Carving is near impossible. Just poor..

6 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Machine Made 0"
Hannah’s iPhone

Good conditions. Fresh powder and snow making. Blowers are intense. Bring goggles.

17 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Packed powder
Cory's iPhone

Little icy conditions but slopes are getting better as the snow continues to fall and more artificial snow being made. Should have more trails open soon

18 day(s) ago - Wisp.