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269 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Wisp +

Found a few new friends. Snow got soft but no lines so you could get as many runs as you wanted. Good day!! Warm weather coming...winter fading!!!

278 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Spring Snow 2"
Wisp +

Winter's last gasp. Nice day here. No crowds, decent snow. Will be soft by afternoon.

278 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Packed powder 2"
Wisp +

It's been snowing Saturday night. Morning should be nice.

279 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Wisp +

Whipsaw best today! Great job by the grooming team! Terrific staff in Whispers! Love this place

286 day(s) ago - Wisp.

Packed powder