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Firsthand Reports

jeanh’s iPhone

Lots of hard pack and sheets of ice in places but overall still lots of places with decent skiing under the circumstances.

8 hours ago - Sunday River.

Hard Packed
Justin's iPhone

Should be a good weekend. Guns going everywhere today in all the high traffic spots which is good. Snowed a small bit just a dusting nice to see snow again tho.

1 day(s) ago - Sunday River.

Machine Groomed

Conditions were good given the weather to this point. Snow/ice this morning played like man made snow but left before it turned so hopefully it's not full on rain this afternoon.

3 day(s) ago - Sunday River.


Raining ice out. Mtn will probably claim it's snowing. Also can't understand why they are blowing snow on trails like jibe when major trails are in desperate need of resurfacing.

3 day(s) ago - Sunday River.

Sunday River +

Skiing was great, if it were mid April! For real tho the soft snow is awesome for carving around but can't remember a February with this little natural and base. All of New England is in big trouble with rain coming Wednesday. Major trails are down to the dirt in lots of spots already.

5 day(s) ago - Sunday River.

Spring Snow 0"