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Firsthand Reports


Great conditions off Comet. Powder Gulch is icy.

76 day(s) ago - Silver Star.

Powder 0"

snow was great and got to meet a special "BEAUTY"

89 day(s) ago - Silver Star.

Kenneth's iPad

Good day today. Snowed on and off all day and visibility was not a problem. Backside was awesome early.

92 day(s) ago - Silver Star.

Powder 2"

Soft snow in the morning, set up a bit in the afternoon with warm temps near freezing. Good coverage. Very quiet day.

108 day(s) ago - Silver Star.

Wet Snow 4"

Gulch was excellent today with soft snow in the warm weather. Minerva, Zyper, Kat Man Do, Gong Show and Caliper for good mix of groomers and bumps. Will need snow when temp drops below freezing.

111 day(s) ago - Silver Star.

Packed powder