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The most epic spring boarding I can remember. Friday and Saturday were amazing, blue bird, beers, soft snow, the best people, and the Heavens! See you tomorrow for the last day of the season, slush cup, and post party in Heaven. I'll be the one rockin' the neon zinc!

57 day(s) ago - Apex Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"
Max iPhone

Great snow powder packed and groomed to perfection

64 day(s) ago - Apex Mountain.

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Apex Mountain +

Pretty good day all in all. chunky bumps over on tooth-tusk. magnum was variable. the weathers supposed to be good all day tomorrow with the snowboard comp. I'm a skier tho. five stars for the day

72 day(s) ago - Apex Mountain.

Powder 1"
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74 day(s) ago - Apex Mountain.


Great spring boarding day! Sun was out, snow was soft, plus 1-2 degrees. BC Winter Games were on which I think detoured people from coming up because there were no lineups. Nobody could believe it was so dead. I couldn't believe the only music playing in the speakers was at the bunny hill, hey organizers of the Winter Games, put on an event that drives the crowds out to one of BC's hidden gem of a mountain.

92 day(s) ago - Apex Mountain.

Spring Snow 0"