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Machine Made
posted 197 day(s) ago by Benedict's iPhone

The reason showtime and encore were closed and made into prime time was due to two reasons. One because of the Ash tree Borer, many trees had to be removed and because of that they had to regrade the runs combining the two. The second was to regrade Runway so it is less flat at the top.
Hard Packed
posted 199 day(s) ago by beMitch

YOU COULD SHREAD WITH ICE-SKATES it was the iciest place I've ever experienced. There wasn't an inch of powder in the terrain park and I literally only found one run that had any decent powder! I'm hoping it will get better but I doubt it will anytime soon!
Perfect North Slopes +
Wet Snow
posted 200 day(s) ago by trayfoe

4 stars considering the location and the fact that there hasn't been any significant amount of natural snow up here yet. Few good main trails open and not a lot of waiting on a Saturday evening.
posted 202 day(s) ago by Adam’s iPhone

They had a tree fall on the ski (with people on it) from showtime. I think they decided the run was to dangerous. As fun as it was some people don't have the sense to stay off if they don't know what they are doing.
posted 202 day(s) ago by brianweaver

conditions were the worst I've ever experienced at Perfect North last night. Normally they do an excellent job of making and grooming the slopes, but last night's terrain was very uneven and extremely choppy. and I'm very disappointed with the decision to close one of my favorite runs, Showtime.

Displaying 11 - 15 of 222 Firsthand Reports

1 | 2 | 3 | 4