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Perfect North Slopes Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 6th March 2008

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I live just north of Lexington, Kentucky. We have skiied at Perfect North probably a total of 9 days over the last 3 winters. I am very happy to have a place to ski just 1 hour and 15 minutes away. That said, you have to adjust your expectations if you are used to skiing out west. If you live within an hour of two of Perfect North and can hand-pick the days that you go based on recent and current weather, you can have a great time there. If you pre-plan a "Ski Vacation" there, you may be very dissapointed since conditions can vary wildly. But that is similar to any skiing in the midwest. They have plenty of snowmaking equipment and do the best that can be expected with the local weather. I grew up skiing out west, but my wife and kids learned how to ski at Perfect North. The instructors were very, very good and the kids always say their instructor was "super nice" or "awesome". Tends to be crowded on the weekends, but very good during the week (but don't people say that about EVERY ski area?). My biggest gripe is that there seems to be no patrol policing the nuts skiing at speeds way beyond their abilities and beyond reason considering the busy slopes. In two days, my wife, son, and daughter were all clobbered by out of control, too-fast skiiers/snowboarders overtaking them. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Someone needs to police the areas where trails converge. The "slow" sign doesn't cut it. If you make an effort to ski the longest runs available, take your time traversing the slope, and encounter short lift lines - then the 400' vertical isn't TOO bad. My kids absolutely love it and I enjoy watching them have a good time. Because Perfect North is so convienent for us, I'm sure that we will probably run up there on occasion when the conditions seem just right for a day of skiing. But now that my wife and kids have learned to ski, we will probably plan trips to West Virginia (or possibly bigger trips to Vermont) to seek out more vertical and a little more "atmosphere". Oh yeah - the rental room STINKS!! yech.

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