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Paoli Peaks +

Pretty much done, dirt patches starting to show and with the rain coming tonight it should pretty much wash what's left away.

158 day(s) ago - Paoli Peaks.

Wet Snow
Paoli Peaks +

Conditions better than I expected on Thurs with 40 deg temps. They've made a lot of snow & have a good cold base. They'll make it through the warm temps this coming weekend without a problem. Next week is cold again.

163 day(s) ago - Paoli Peaks.

Machine Groomed 0"

Today had temperatures near 20 degrees with it snowing quite hard! Really good conditions today! Lots of people, but the slopes weren't that crowded.

167 day(s) ago - Paoli Peaks.


good conditions for paoli. but quit fibbing there is nowhere near 60in of snow anywhere but a deliberately built mogul! it is even bare in places I'd say if you are on a accurate scale it's 12 inches mid mountain.

186 day(s) ago - Paoli Peaks.


great conditions during the day. mixture from natural pow and machine made. no ice patches at all

189 day(s) ago - Paoli Peaks.

Machine Groomed