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Firsthand Reports

That kid with Line skis

Today was okay weather. The first few inches of snow was slush. It made it hard to go on rails and go on any jumps. Other then that it was a good day shredding gnar.

287 day(s) ago - Chestnut Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow
J iPhone

Great snow conditions! And we love the newly refurbished lodge, excellent food, wonderful and clean indoor pool and hot tub. Thank you to the new owners!

292 day(s) ago - Chestnut Mountain Resort.

Stevo's iPhone

Snow conditions are great. No ice! Snow is pretty soft today as the temp is near 40, but everything was groomed to perfection and fast this morning.

328 day(s) ago - Chestnut Mountain Resort.

Machine Groomed

How is the snow at chestnut? Is there a lot of ice?

336 day(s) ago - Chestnut Mountain Resort.

Chestnut Mountain Resort +

Beautiful day for skiing!

354 day(s) ago - Chestnut Mountain Resort.