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Tamarack Resort Resort Reviews

by: pesarobloo - 4th February 2008

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First off, this place feels like you are skiing at a real-estate office rather than a resort. if enjoy a cozy neighborhood feel for your ski trips this is not the place. I was really turned off right away almost first thing with the imported snob feel I got from this place. When I bought my ticket the girl at the counter asked me if I had been to the resort before, and I smiled and said “I had not.” She continued to point out runs for me to go 'experience' but all of them she was pointing to were green beginner runs. I just kind of looked at her for a minute to make sure she was serious, and then I realized I wasn't wearing a $500.00 parka and was wearing relatively plain gear that is a few years old, which must be what prompted the assumption that I was a novice. The second problem I ran into is when we all headed into the lodge to eat our lunch. We were turned back and told we could not bring lunch boxes or coolers of any kind into the lodge but we were welcome to sit outside in the snow to eat. So basically you have to buy your lunch there if you want a warm place to eat it. Lame... Really Lame.... especially after forking over around $200 for the family to ski. Now here is the third problem with my experience at Tamarack. The runs are just not that great! They are loaded with flat spots and most are barley steep enough to push you through the thick powder and if you head into the trees you WILL get stuck. On top of that, they built the runs on an east facing slope behind a lake where heavy snow is blown over the summit and creates heavy drift build up and avalanche danger. We spent all day listening to crews blast away all day with dynamite trying to eliminate avalanche danger. We were warned over and over not to go into the trees on the top runs and stay away from the smumit's more intense black diamond runs because of snow instability. I don’t imagine I will visit this place much from here out. Go see what the rest of Idaho has to offer, you’ll be happy you did!

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