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Joe's iPhone

Great coverage where they've been making snow down low and plenty of natural snow left up higher. Fast machine groomed runs yesterday...surprisingly good!!!!

5 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Machine Groomed
Schweitzer +

So many bare spots. In places where there's coverage, it's very icy.

7 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Variable Conditions
Schweitzer +

wind blown dry powder over groomers. 1st chair we found pockets of 3/4 inch drifts , with gusts of wind blowing the fresh around. The last guy must of been standing in a puddle at the bottom of the bunny slope.

13 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Packed powder 0"

went up, very disappointing, game over

15 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Wet Snow
Schweitzer +

Schweitzer is not closing, no way. Rumor from staff is that they will re open the backside later this week. Hard groomers untill 10 and spring skiing all afternoon. They started making snow last night to cover all the pesky rocks down low.

18 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Spring Snow