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Fun day on Lakeside chutes!

2 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Powder 9"

If you are up at Schweitzer on New Year's Day, DO NOT go up the Lakeview Triple! No joke: The wind is literally blowing between 40-50 mph! The wind is so bad that snow ghost

16 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Powder 15"
Schweitzer +

Great day at Schweitzer today! Since opening day, there's hardly anyone here, and more than enough powder to go around!

44 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Schweitzer +

Another beautiful day... Views here are the BEST!

290 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Machine Groomed
Schweitzer +

Biblical... Enough said...

295 day(s) ago - Schweitzer.

Powder 6"