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I see.... that does suck. However, I had another great trip on Saturday. snow coverage in the trees was good enough and the little bit of powder around was great. visibility was awful, but no big deal.

5 days ago - Pomerelle Mountain Resort.

Powder 3"
anonymous user

Ya that's the problem if they only have one lift open they still charge full price and if it was raining they will tell you it wasn't raining so you still show up

7 days ago - Pomerelle Mountain Resort.

Pomerelle Mountain Resort +

Epic powder day! Might be the best day of the 14/15 season.

15 days ago - Pomerelle Mountain Resort.


Went last weekend... great snow for late November. good coverage no rock gouges. I don't know what the complaint is with ticket price... I'm new to Idaho but this place is cheap. if they're paying to run all of the lifts I'll pay for a full ticket.

17 days ago - Pomerelle Mountain Resort.

anonymous user

Good snow , but no terrain features up and one lift running and still charging full price..

28 days ago - Pomerelle Mountain Resort.