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Just looked at the Lookout Pass website. Sad, it says closed for the season.

5 hours ago - Lookout Pass Ski Area.

Lookout Pass Ski Area +

The Idaho Face actually isn't too bad with decent coverage. I'm glad I brought my boys up for the day! The previous posted picture is of the Montana Face. Not a good place to ski now. Stay on the Idaho side and have fun.

38 day(s) ago - Lookout Pass Ski Area.

Variable Conditions
Lookout Pass Ski Area +

This is a shot of Sundance, off lift 2, which has been thin all year. The back side was good at the top but the bottoms of the runs are almost totally exposed with streams running down the hill. Front side was choppy but okay late spring conditions.

41 day(s) ago - Lookout Pass Ski Area.

Spring Snow
Zach's iPhone5

Very disappointed. Low snow level, rain, slowest lifts in the country.

47 day(s) ago - Lookout Pass Ski Area.

Wet Snow 0"
Lookout Pass Ski Area +

What a disappointing season so far. Was at the mountain yesterday with 5" of new powder and it was awesome on the board. Best day so far! Too bad the rain is coming again :(

50 day(s) ago - Lookout Pass Ski Area.

Powder 5"